ROBOTIS Bioloid Premium Kit US-110V Review

The ROBOTIS Bioloid Premium Kit is a Do_It-Yourself educational robot kit that uses modular DC servo blocks that allows you to build your own robot and even upgrade it with enhanced mobility and intelligence!

It’s a robot kit for that can build various types of robot such as spider, dinosaur, and humanoid.

The Bioloid Premium was designed to be completely modular. It is Convenient, safe and expandable. There are a total of 29 different robot examples ranging from wheeled robots, hexapods, quadrupeds, robot arms, and multiple bipeds including the Bioloid Premium Humanoid variants.

You can either build the provided example and use the included sample codes or build their own custom robot.

Although there are accompanying pictures, there are no clear instructions on how to assemble the different types of robots. So you’ll need to spend some time figuring out what feature is in the correct position. And if you want to build your own customised robot, you’ll probably have to pick up C-Style programming.


Introduction to BIOLOID Premium Kit by ROBOTISCHANNEL


Quick Summary

  • Excellent humanoid walking performance (Adjustable posture while walking)
  • Various sensors including Gyro, Distance ranger, IR and external IO ports for adding your own sensors
  • Remote control capability (Zigbee wireless included!)
  • C-Style programming & motion teaching with RoboPlus S/W (USB interface included)
  • Transparent humanoid skin for customization
  • Digital packet communication with daisy chain topology
  • Build various robots through versatile expansion mechanism
  • Height: 397mm (15.6″) / A type
  • Weight: 1.7kg (59.96oz)



  • Main Controller: CM-530
  • Dynamixel (servomotor): AX-12A : 18EA
  • Sensor: GYRO, DMS, IR
  • S/W: RoboPlus
  • Power: Lipo 11.1V, SMPS 12V 5A
  • Stall Torque: 1.5N.m (at 12V, 1.5A)

Assembly instructions for all the 29 documented shapes can be found here:
Beginner | Intermediate | Advanced | Humanoid Type A, B and C


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Come With:

  • Gyro Sensor (2 Axis) x 1 pc
  • DMS x 1 pc
  • IR Sensor x 2 pcs
  • RC-100A (Remote Controller) x 1 pc
  • Head & Chest Skin x 1 set
  • Lipo Battery (11.1V, 1000mA/PCM) x 1 pc
  • Lipo Balance Battery Charger
  • Screw Driver, Cable Holder
  • Mini USB Cable
  • Plastic Frame Set
  • Quick Start Book
  • RoboPlus Software CD


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