AirDog The Autonomous Action Sports Drone Review

The AirDog follows you without a bulky remote control. Specially designed for capturing images for action sports enthusiasts who use GoPro cameras.


  1. Foldable, easily fits in your backpack
  2. Ground Collision Avoidance with LiDAR
  3. It can fly away up to 400 feet from the user with maximum follow speed of up to 44 miles per hour
  4. Easy to use
  5. Simple and intuitive


  1. Does not come with a camera.
  2. There is no joystick type RC controller for this drone.
  3. Does not come with adaptor for gopro hero 5 black. Needs to be bought separately
  4. The drone is NOT waterproof,
  5. No obstacle avoidance built into this


AirDog Extreme Sports Follow Drone – Hands On at CES 2016 by Digital Trends
Digital Trends


  1. 1 x AirDog
  2. 1 x AirLeash
  3. iOs or Android App
  4. 1 x Gyro Stabilized Gimbal
  5. 1 x LiPo Battery Pack
  6. 1 x Charger and cables
  7. 1 x Operation Manual



Quick Summary

  • Stays airborne up to 18 minutes
  • Control AirDog & make inflight adjustments with AirLeash – the wearable, waterproof control & tracking device
  • Compatible cameras: GoPro Hero3, 3+ Black, Silver, White (in slim housing) and Hero4 Silver, Black (in Standard Housing), Adapter for GoPro Hero5 available as an accessory

6 Follow Modes

There are six Follow modes that you can configure and control with your AirLeash and smartphone app.

  1. Auto-follow
    Will work with almost any sports. In this mode AirDog will follow you repeating exactly your movement trajectory while maintaining its position in preset distance and altitude from you. It will follow you at speeds up to 40 mph.
  2. Relative position follow
    In this mode AirDog will maintain constant offset relative to magnetic north from the rider. For example, you can set it to keep a 10 meter distance at 4 meters high to the east from your position. Even when you change your direction, the AirDog will stay at the same preset angle from you. We suggest this mode for straight line wakeboard cable parks, surfing, and some other sports.
  3. Follow track
    This is the safest way to operate AirDog. Simply go for one lap with AirLeash and it will record your track. Then adjust AirDogs trajectory to your liking in smartphone app. AirDog will repeatedly fly over the exact set trajectory and the camera will be continually adjusted to aim at the rider.This is the most creative mode where you can become a true director of your movie. Adjust AirDog’s trajectory to avoid obstacles like buildings or trees. You can even make it to shoot you from different angle on different spots/kickers in the track. It might sound complicated, but its a simple few tap process in AirDog smartphone app.
  4. Hover and Aim
    The Hover and Aim setting allows AirDog to stay in one position above the ground, but constantly directing the camera at the AirLeash. This setting is perfect for tight places such as smaller skateparks, narrow forest trails, or for activities such as bungee jumping or base jumping, where clearance from equipment is important.
  5. Circle
    In this setting, AirDog makes circular rotations on a set radius and altitude, keeping the camera aimed at the AirLeash. This for slow speed or static shots to show impressive view around you.
  6. Look down
    The most simple mode but can produce very stunning results. Simply “walk” your AirDog above a ramp or kicker where you are about to throw some epic tricks and with push of a button it will freeze its position and aim camera straight down. Now make sure you don’t go too high.


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  • 10-20 minutes flight time depending on flight speed
  • Interchangeable 14.8 V, 4000mAh, LiPo batteries
  • Wind resistance up to 28 knots (14 m/s)
  • Top speed, 40 mph (software limited)
  • AirLeash range up to 1000 feet (300m)
  • Operational ceiling, 3000 meters above sea level (9800 feet)
  • Weight 3.08 lbs (1.4 kg). 3.96 lbs (1.8 kg) with battery


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